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Спасибо erdweibchen, буквально года 3 у меня заняло купить и прочитать "How to be an alien". Местами чуть-чуть перебирает и занудствует, но в целом - очень забавно. Тем (как минимум двоим) френдам, которые в ближайшее время к нам на остров собрались, очень советую.

Some years ago I spent a lot of time with a young lady who was proud and conscious of being English. Once she asked me - to my great surprise - whether I would marry her. 'No, I replied, 'I will not. My mother would never agree to my marrying a foreigner'. She looked at me a little surprised and irritated: 'I, a foreigner? What a silly thing to say. I am English. You are a foreigner. And your mother too.' I did not give in. 'In Budapest, too?' I asked her. 'Eberywhere', she declared with determination. ' Truth does not depend on geography. What is true in England is also true Hungary and in North Borneo and Venezuela and everywhere.'

Еще на ту же тему довольно забавная книжка - Changing Places: A Tale of Two Campuses ~David Lodge

А от ребенка огромное спасибо katavasya за "Недопеска".
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