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Русская тема очень популярна в этом году на фестивале:

Muttnik, the First Dog in Space

A stray dog is captured and taken to the Russian Space Centre to become an astronaut and go where 'no dog has gone before!'. An incredible true story. Physical theatre for children and childish adults.

I'm a Celebrity - please leave me here!

Grisha, a top Russian celebrity, is trying to make it in Britain. From shopping in Argos to flying easyJet, to eating grub in the pub... will he make it? Find out for yourselves!

Out with the Tide

Three homeless people, one boat, one rubber ring, and one large rubber duck. 'Out With The Tide' is a short comic play about those people on the outside of society (oh, and three Russians).

Past Half Remembered

A madcap journey through the epic sweep of Russian history. The Reds and the Whites do battle, the Germans invade, tea is served from a samovar and there is a very big wedding.

Это не считая классики, танцев в кокшниках, "Лицедеев", Неточки, Преступления и, а также 'government inspector"-а, которого я не сразу узнала под таким именем :))

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